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1 - How can I purchase TravelJoy policy?

We operate on a paperless environment for our TravelJoy policy. You may purchase online through the link “”. Once confirmed, the policy will be delivered to you through your designated email account.

2 - Are non-HKID card holders covered?

One of our TravelJoy enrollment criteria is that the traveler must be a HKID cardholder. Regret that we cannot entertain non-HKID cardholder at the moment.

3 - Is there any age limit for policy application?

The applicant must be aged from 18 to 85 years old and all other travelers must also be aged between 6 weeks to 85 years old. However, please note that coverage of medical expenses and personal accident benefits will be reduced by 50% for any insured person who is aged 17 or below upon commencement of the insured journey.

4 - Can a person aged below 18 be insured alone in the insurance policy?

Sorry that we only cover travelers aged 17 or below when they are travelling together with other adult travelers aged 18 or above who are also insured in the same policy.

5 - Can I buy an annual travel policy?

Annual travel policy arrangement is not available yet at the moment. Please register to become our member, we would contact you when it is available.

6 - How can I extend the period of insurance when I am out of town?

You can send your extension request by email or by phone to our Customer Service Team [at 9:00 am to 5:30 pm every Monday to Friday (except Public Holiday)] before the expiry of the policy. Our email address is and our hotline number is (852) 6655 5111. However, if your trip is unavoidably delayed, your policy would be automatically extended free of charge for a maximum of 10 days.

7 - What kinds of sports and activities are covered?

TravelJoy covers a range of popular amateur activities including riskier ones like winter sports, hiking, rock climbing, scuba diving, water-skiing, rafting, sailing, bungee jumping and horse riding. However, motor racing, professional sports and any trekking at an attitude greater than 5000 metres above sea level or diving to a depth of greater than 30 metres below sea level are not covered.

8 - Can I terminate the policy after policy issuance and get the premium refund?

No premium refund is allowed once the application is confirmed. In case a policyholder needs to cancel his original itinerary due to reason outside his/her control, we can consider to postpone the policy cover to another trip which satisfies the followings.

The new trip commences within 6 months after commencement date of the original trip
The policyholder needs to be remained and he/she must still be one of the travelers in the new trip (i.e. the policyholder cannot assign the policy to another one)
Additional premium needs to be paid if premium for the new trip exceeds the original premium.
We reserve the final right to decide to postpone or not. We may ask for documentary evidence to support the decision.

9 - In case of emergency, how can I contact Sompo for assistance?

An emergency case refers to a serious and/or life-threatening situation which may be caused by accidents or sudden sickness. You should contact our 24 hours emergency service immediately at [(852) 28620136 for IPA or (81)(03) 63115858 for EAJ]. Please provide your policy number so that experienced assistance coordinators will be able to offer you immediate assistance.

10 - Is there any excess applicable to the policy?

No, there is no excess on any of the benefits for TravelJoy

11 - What protection is there if a Travel Alert is issued for the planned destination?

You will be protected against the issuance of the Travel Alert in the following ways:

Before trip, you may:

upon any Travel Alert which is raised or upgraded after your policy issue date, postpone the policy cover to a maximum of 6 months;
upon Black Travel Alert, be reimbursed irrecoverable travel-related payments upon cancellation of trip upto the limit under Section I – Cancellation Charges Benefit;
During the trip, you may:

upon any Travel Alert which is raised or upgraded after your commencement date, have your insurance automatically extended for 10 days free if your trip is unavoidably delayed;
upon Black Travel Alert, be reimbursed the unused irrecoverable prepaid and additional travel-related costs upon curtailment of trip upto your entitled limit under Section J – Curtailment of Trip Benefit;

12 - How can I lodge a claim?

You can download our TravelJoy claim form by clicking on the "DOWNLOAD" button at the top of this page. In the claim form, it states the list of documents required for and the important points to which you need to pay attention when lodging the claim. Please submit a completed claim form together with original copies of all relevant documents to us within 30 days from return date of the journey.

13 - If I have not received any medical treatment during my journey, can I still make a claim for the follow-up medical expense after returning to Hong Kong?

You are eligible to claim follow-up medical expenses within 90 days after returning to HK provided that you have received medical treatment for the same sickness or injury during your journey. In case of emergency, if you are unable to consult a doctor on the way back to HK, such as having a sickness or an injury at the airport or on the plane, you should provide relevant evidence (e.g. proofs from the airline, tour escort, etc.) for special consideration.

14 - After I purchased the insurance policy, my doctor diagnosed me with a serious sickness and told me that I am unfit to travel abroad. Am I entitled to have cancellation charges benefit?

Once you purchased TravelJoy insurance, you are covered for cancellation charges benefit if you suffer from a serious sickness or bodily injury requiring emergency treatment or surgical operation by your doctor and are confined in a hospital for not less than 48 consecutive hours (excluding “pre-existing condition”), with your doctor’s certificate stating that you are no longer fit to travel, within 30 days before the start date of your trip.

15 - I have to cancel the trip for the reason of serving a juror; however, my ticket is redeemed from mileage. Shall I be compensated?

TravelJoy will cover you for any paid and irrecoverable expenses, including flight award redemption ticket and service fee for cancellation of flight award redemption ticket or change the travel dates of the flight award redemption ticket, if you have to cancel your trip due to perform jury service during the period of insurance provided that you receive the notice within 30 days before the start date of your trip. Do remember to obtain the relevant documents issued by the aviation alliance for redeeming the award ticket, such as your miles monthly statement, for future claim purposes.